This new IKEA mini-kitchen is designed for tiny apartments

KitchenIKEASunnersta mini-kitchen with cart (appliances and faucet sold separately), $173.99.

IKEA’s 2017 catalogue, unveiled August 15, is full of space-saving furniture for tiny apartments.

One such item is the Sunnersta, a free-standing, bare-bones kitchenette.

The unit features a sink, faucet, small counter area, shelf for a mini refrigerator, and rods for hanging containers, tools or plants. For $173.99, You can also add on the $49.99 Sunnersta utility cart for extra shelving, or buy additional storage bins for non-perishables.

The white, lightweight kitchenette would be ideal for studios, tiny houses or in-law units that don’t have room for full kitchens. The only major drawback is, of course, that it doesn’t include an oven.

For that reason, the Sunnersta is geared toward someone who prefers not to cook, or who prefers Seamless over making homemade meals.

Tiny living seems to be a theme for IKEA this year. The catalogue spotlights modular sofas, minimalist standing desks, and lightweight storage systems.

The kitchen, along with the other items in the new catalogue, will come to US stores this fall.

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