TikTok is fuelling the viral success of a toy capsule with tiny versions of everyday household brands — and they’re selling out in stores and online

Target has sold out of the viral toy online. Target

TikTok is making one toy go viral this holiday season.

From toymaker Zuru, 5 Surprise Mini Brands are this season’s holiday hit, thanks, in part, to the viral power of social media. The toy comes as a capsule filled with five tiny versions of everyday household brands, including Dove, Twinkies, Lipton Tea, and more.

The toy comes as a wrapped spherical capsule with five different “mini brands” inside. The contents of the capsule are unknown until the toy is purchased. Unboxings of the toy have become a popular trend on TikTok, where the hashtag #MiniBrands has garnered over 393 million views.

As of Friday, the toy was out of stock on Target.com and close to selling out on Amazon.

A spokesperson for Walmart confirmed that the toy, which was sold in stores and online for the holiday season, has been very popular.

“As soon as we get product, we get it on the shelf, and we’ve been working hard to get as much in as we can to meet customer demand,” the Walmart representative said.

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The toy was close to selling out on Amazon as of Friday. Amazon

The 5 Surprise brand debuted last year and includes different variations of the Mini Brands toy, such as the Surprise Unicorn Squad and the original 5 Surprise Mystery. Since its debut,over 17 million capsules have been shipped out around the world.

The 5 Surprise Mini Brands toy debuted in April. In a press release in November, Zuru’s global marketing director Renee Lee acknowledged the “tremendous response” to the 5 Surprise brand. The release also noted the toy’s success on TikTok.