The billionaire founder of Minecraft says he got an anonymous offer to buy his mansion for $80 million shortly after he got it

In December, Minecraft founder Markus Persson reportedly outbid Jay-Z and Beyonce for an amazing home in Beverly Hills.

He paid $US70 million for the over-the-top, 23,000-square-foot home.

In an interview with Forbes, Persson said he received a mysterious offer just a few weeks later. 

“Someone anonymously offered me $US10 million more than I paid for it a couple weeks after I got it. I don’t know who it is. You could probably guess,” Persson said. “At least I know now it was a good investment because it’s worth $US10 million more than I paid.”

Persson seems to be enjoying life in his swanky new pad. 

“I threw a crazy party with amazing guests,” he told Forbes. “Then I kind of sat around in that house and played Infinifactory. So I guess there are elements of excess in my life now, but in general day-to-day stuff, I still do the same old wonderfully nerdy introvert stuff I did before.”

There are some things about the house he doesn’t love, however.

“One of the floors has a bunch of things I don’t like — like candy machines, [bottles of] Patrón and a gym,” he said. “Come on. Look at me. Does it look like I use the gym?”

Persson tweeted a photo of himself next to the home’s enormous candy wall.


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