Mindy Kaling celebrates running a 'slow as hell' mile after 8 years of trying

Mindy Kaling celebrated running a “slow as hell” 9.5-minute mile in the best way possible 
—  with a Flipagram set to the tune of Aloe Blacc’s “I’m The Man.”

“Today I ran a 9.5 minute mile,” she Tweeted. “Which is slow as hell but I’ve been trying to do it for 8 years! Hooray for me!”

The 37-year-old actress celebrated her record-breaking time in true Kaling fashion, with humour.

She wrote on Instagram:

“Big news! Today I ran a 9.5 minute mile, something I’ve been trying to do for 8 years. I would like to thank my sneakers, my neighbours in little Ethiopia, my alarm clock, my 4 day old blueberry muffin I ate, and my sense of panic at being out of shape. Hooray! If I can do it, so can you! #runnershigh”

Kaling previosuly joked on “Conan” that she motivates herself to go running by fantasizing about her fake husband’s death.

“I have to be like, Michael Fassbender was my husband and then we were in Central Park one day, and then someone stabbed him because they hated interracial couples and they got away with it. And now I have to go down to Brazil and find this Nazi who killed my husband… In my mind it’s a getting stronger montage should I find this guy and kill him.”

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