This fun hack lets you control Netflix with your mind

If you are too lazy to use a remote to navigate Netflix, the company has a cheeky solution: mind control.

Netflix periodically holds “hack days,” in which employees have 24 hours to come up with wacky Netflix-centric projects to show off.

The best project to come out of Netflix’s most recent “hack day” was MindFlix, a special headband to help you surf Netflix using nothing more than your mind. With MindFlix, you can move you head to the side to scroll, and then think “play” on a particular Netflix title and, the video will begin playing.

Netflix’s hackers achieved this magic trick by customising a brain-reading headband made by Muse, which is usually used for guiding meditation.  To be clear, the headband is not actually reading your thoughts, it’s simply sensing brain activity and using the feedback to control certain pre-established actions.

Here’s the video put together by the Netflix engineers:

And here are the rest of the hack day projects.

If you liked the idea of MindFlix, you might also like a previous Netflix project: socks that automatically turn your Netflix off when you fall asleep.

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