Kids game Moshi Monsters could be coming to the Apple Watch

Divinia Knowles Mind Candy President and CFOMind CandyMind Candy’s President and CFO Divinia Knowles

Mind Candy, the creator of once-red hot game “Moshi Monsters” missed the smartphone gaming boom — but it doesn’t want to miss out on wearables.

The new boss of the Shoreditch gaming company says it is considering launching its titles on new platforms including the Apple Watch. It’s part of a plan to revive the business, which struggled to cope with the rise of mobile gaming.

Mind Candy President Divinia Knowles told Business Insider: “We never really built the killer app on mobile that is Moshi. We’d love to do more content, we’d love to connect Moshi with all of the kids’ favourite YouTubers like Zoella, that would be fun to do. Getting Moshi onto other platforms like the Watch — all sorts of things. There’s still loads of interest in Moshi.”

There are unlikely to be too many children with Apple Watches right now, but the sentiment shows Knowles and Mind Candy are determined not to miss out on the “next big thing” for a second time.

Mind Candy and its flamboyant founder Michael Acton Smith became the poster children of London’s “Tech City” thanks to the huge success of Moshi Monsters, a website that let children control their own pet monsters.

Mind Candy, which charged a subscription for access to the site, made a profit of £8.1 million in 2012 at its peak and Acton Smith featured on the front cover of Wired, advertising a feature called ‘How to build a killer start-up’.

But a year later, Mind Candy slumped to a loss of £2.2 million and revenue fell by 34%, as the company was caught off guard by the rise of mobile and tablet gaming. Acton Smith stepped down as chief executive, instead taking a creative role.

Knowles told Business Insider that 40 people out of a staff of 150 were let go. The company is now focusing on mobile gaming, and launched a new strategy combat game called “World of Warriors” last November. The game has been downloaded over 6 million times since then.

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