Milus Watches Recall The US Navy “Life Barter Kit”

Milus Heritage Snow Star watch

The life barter kit was different than a survival kit (which was usually first aid, rescue, and food items). Inside the life barter kit were two gold rings, a gold pendant and chain, as well as a Swiss wrist watch. That wrist watch was a Milus Snow Star – and Milus didn’t know about that in the modern era until a few years ago. So the idea that the US Navy decided a Milus watch was good enough to be exchanged for a human’s life was darn excellent news. I wonder if a life barter kit was ever actually used.

For 2011 Milus has a great opportunity to recreate the Snow Star watch and the life barter kit, especially as heritage watches are so in. So they created two limited edition Heritage Snow Star watch sets – one in 18k red gold and the other in steel. Each watch comes with a little kit. The kit includes a pair of cufflinks, and a nylon NATO strap. I love the idea of wearing a watch like this on a NATO strap – so deliciously “yesterday.”

The kit also include a pair of cuff links – which are different in the steel or gold models. The gold cufflinks are a bit more fancy. Actually, Milus usually offers neat cufflinks. If you recall I wrote about their Kama Sutra rotor cufflinks here. The gold cufflinks have one with a working compass, and one with a little storage box (you know for keeping a cyanide pill or some ecstasy). Each of them fold open with a motif of a plane and gold propeller on the outside. The slightly more simple steel cufflinks are a pair of compasses. Really nice little items.

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