Clippers' 30-year-old Serbian rookie brought one of his wackiest passes with him to the NBA

It’s just two games into the NBA preseason, but 30-year-old Serbian rookie Milos Teodosic is already making the Los Angeles Clippers can’t-miss television.

After an NBA debut that left basketball fans in awe on Sunday, on Tuesday Teodosic proved that his highlight-reel worthy assists were no fluke occurrence, but a regular part of his game.

In the first quarter of Tuesday’s game against the Toronto Raptors, Teodosic drew awe from the crowd with an underhand shovel pass that went the length of the floor to an open Patrick Beverly, who finished the play with a layup, rousing a jubilant “Oh me oh my,” from the commentary booth.

The pass quickly earned praise from basketball fans across Twitter.

But as ESPN’s Mike Schmitz was quick to note, that pass was nothing out of the ordinary for Teodosic. Rather, the underhand full-court shovel pass is one of the many throws in his arsenal of eye-opening passes.

In just two games, Teodosic is already showing promise as the Clippers’ replacement for All-Star guard Chris Paul, who left in the offseason to join the Houston Rockets. While the two are quite different players, Teodosic has proven himself to be able distributor, finding his teammates from angles many players wouldn’t even imagine.

With his prodigious court vision and pass-first attitude, Teodosic has the Clippers playing some possessions like the Globetrotters, and have easily made Los Angeles on of the can’t miss teams on basketball fans’ League Pass rankings.

You can check out all of Teodosic’s highlights from Tuesday night below, courtesy of the NBA.

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