A US Government Agency Spent $2.7 Million Destroying Its Computers After It Discovered Malware

When the Economic Development Administration found out that six of its computers were potentially infected with malware, it took overreaction to a whole new level: after wiping the machines (which would have fixed the problem), the agency’s chief information officer decided to hire an outside contractor to¬†physically destroy the EDA’s hardware.

Even more embarrassing, the destruction went beyond merely going after potentially infected computers. Ars Technica’s Peter Bright found that the agency had printers, keyboards, cameras, and mice destroyed, even though those devices posed no risk.

Here’s the breakdown of the $2.7 million cost from a report auditing the incident:

  • $1,061,000 to acquire temporary infrastructure (requisitioned from the Census Bureau)
  • $823,000 to the security contractor for its investigation and advice
  • $688,000 to contractors to assist in the development of a long-term response
  • $4,300 to destroy $170,500 in IT equipment

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