How ‘Wii Sports Resort’ Could Boost EA’s ‘Tiger Woods’ Too


Nintendo’s (NTDOY) Wii Sports Resort is coming in July, and even if only a tiny fraction of the gamers who have the first Wii Sports buy it, it will be huge.

But indirectly, sales of the game may help Electronic Arts (ERTS).

That’s because Wii Sports Resort comes bundled with a new Nintendo doodad called the “MotionPlus,” which we’re promised greatly enhances the accuracy of the Wii’s wireless wand controller. Gamers will need the MotionPlus to play the new Wii Sports mini-games like throwing a frisbee to a virtual dog, or fencing.

But Wii Sports is a social game, and to play against a friend, Wii owners will need to buy a second controller. That’s where EA comes in: In June, EA will release Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for either $50 standalone or $60 bundled with a MotionPlus, Wired reports. That’s a $10 (50%) discount off the practically-required $20 expense of an extra MotionPlus.

Of course, Tiger Woods has to be a good game to pick up the extra sales. But especially if EA can improve a bit on the 2009 Tiger Woods’ generally respectable 80 score on Metacritic, the desire to pick up a cheap MotionPlus could jazz EA’s sales — and introduce new players into the Tiger Woods PGA franchise.