Millions of people watched YouTuber 'MrBeast' count to 100,000

This is the commentary on popular culture you’ve been waiting for:

So did 5.2 million people actually watch, or just click to see if it really was a video of MrBeast counting to 100,000?

Pray for humanity if it isn’t the latter. But actually, some people really did watch.

It’s a near 24-hour video.

Chris Jantzen’s favourite moment came at the 4hr07min mark, when MrBeast says “24,219” three times.

Around the 17hr19min mark, superarmandbros notes he missed 81,933. (He’s right.)

Highlights from Deeperz include when MrBeast says the same number twice at 12:01.50, missing 99,913 at 23:45:30 and when Chris comes into the room at 36,000.

MrBeast’s schtick is being “the guy who makes the worst intros“. He’s had a few million-hit videos, but 5.2 million views for counting to 100,000 is, in just five days, almost already twice as popular as his previous best.

Be honest – he’s earned it. It’s also not a whole lot removed from that time 40 years ago when Australians flocked to see two European guys spraypainted silver, revolving and singing old songs:

And if you think watching someone count to 100,000 is pointless, just wait until the next time you’re struggling to get to sleep.

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