'MILLIONAIRE MADAM' ESCORT: Life Wasn't Glamorous And Most Of The Clients Weren't That Great

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Last week we found out that Anna Gristina, the alleged Madam who ran a high end, Upper East Side brothel, was willing to cut a deal with prosecutors.Obviously that means talking about her clients — and since they’re supposed to be very powerful people, we’re all waiting for her to spill with bated breath.

A story in today’s Daily News, though, could give us reason to pause.

Another one of Anna Gristina’s employees has spoken out, challenging everything the press is spinning about this story. The unnamed call girl said that all this hype isn’t the real deal and that her clients weren’t that special, and her life wasn’t really that glamorous.

From the Daily News:

“Anna’s johns paid $1,000 to be with me, but I only got $500 of that. I had to work for other escort services at the same time to afford to live in Manhattan.

Anna’s clients weren’t really that great. I know that’s the kind of thing that’s been in the papers. These black cars pulling up.

I’m sure she had some people who were the top clients and would be interesting. But most of them were not that great. They were just regular guys who had to go to work…I’m not saying they were poor or working-class guys, but they weren’t high-powered executives — not that I knew of anyway.”

She told the Daily News that some clients took her to fancy hotels for their trysts, but that was rare. The whole business, while she said it was the “best job a girl can have in Manhattan,” wasn’t luxurious.

When she met her clients during the day she would wear jeans or professional clothes. At night she might wear a little black dress — but there were no jet aeroplanes and designer clothes. Just 15 or 20 minutes of small talk before getting down to business.

The call girl also told The Daily News that reports that Jaynie Mae Baker was Anna Gristina’s second in command surprised her. Though she really never saw Gristina after their initial meeting, all communications (texts etc.) came from her.

“It breaks my heart that Anna is in prison. She was only introducing consenting adults to each other.”

  Right. Nothing special.

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