Millionaire Investor Is Making His Hamptons neighbours Furious With Plans To Put A Giant TV In His Yard

chris tory burch


Chris Burch, the millionaire investor and venture capitalist who used to be married to fashion designer Tory Burch is trying to have a 10-foot television screen installed in the garden of his Southampton home and neighbours are furious, the NY Post reports.The large screen costs about $200,000 and for Burch to be able to install it in the $9 million home — which previously belonged to Bear Stearns hedge funder Ralph Cioffi — he needs to get approval from the local zoning board.

The display will be mounted on posts almost three feet off the ground and will “feature a series of LED monitors that will combine to make a 10-foot-high, 16-foot-9-inch-wide high-definition screen.”

Burch says the TV has one purpose — to exhibit pictures of famous works of art. But in addition to those
“artistic intentions, the screen will still be able to show movies, TV and the Internet,” according to the Post, and “the prospect of the screen turning the tony neighbourhood into one perpetual Super Bowl party had some local officials balking at the idea.”

One board member said, “it’s a shame when people have that kind of money.” Another said, “I’m totally against it… It’s not going to fly.” Burch will be hoping their views are an exception, or he’s going to have a tough battle to get that screen up.

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