What a $1 million home looks like in 25 major American cities

Image from Trulia listingA $US1 million house in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Million-dollar listings have become commonplace in the US real estate market.
  • But when you compare the cost-per-square-foot for million-dollar listings across the country, you’ll find very different results.
  • In Tampa, Florida, $US1 million will fetch more than 5,000 square feet, while the same priced home in New York City buys less than 900 square feet.

Million-dollar listings once heralded true luxury for Americans who could afford it, but now more than 4% of all homes across the 100 largest US metros are worth at least $US1 million.

Still, how much space seven figures will buy in different parts of the country ranges drastically. A million dollars could fetch buyers as little as 846 square feet in New York City and as much as 5,392 in Tampa, Florida.

That’s according to our friends at Trulia, who rounded listings in the $US1 million range for the 25 largest metros in the US by population to find out how home sizes compare.

Below, check out what a million-dollar listing looks like around the US, ordered from lowest to highest cost per square foot.

Tampa, Florida

Listing price:$US999,000

Square feet: 5,392

Price per square foot:$US185

Newark, New Jersey

Listing price:$US979,000

Square feet: 4,885

Price per square foot:$US200

Baltimore, Maryland

Listing price:$US989,900

Square feet: 4,570

Price per square foot:$US217

St. Louis, Missouri

Listing price:$US995,000

Square feet: 4,439

Price per square foot:$US224

Riverside, California

Listing price:$US979,999

Square feet: 4,078

Price per square foot:$US240

Phoenix, Arizona

Listing price:$US1,075,000

Square feet: 4,161

Price per square foot: $US258

Fort Worth, Texas

Listing price:$US990,000

Square feet: 3,808

Price per square foot:$US260

Houston, Texas

Listing price: $US999,900

Square feet: 3,688

Price per square foot: $US271

Orlando, Florida

Listing price: $US949,900

Square feet: 3,439

Price per square foot:$US276

Detroit, Michigan

Listing price: $US1,049,900

Square feet: 3,694

Price per square foot: $US284

Atlanta, Georgia

Listing price: $US995,000

Square feet: 3,400

Price per square foot:$US293

Anaheim, California

Listing price:$US995,000

Square feet: 3,043

Price per square foot:$US327

Charlotte, North Carolina

Listing price:$US995,000

Square feet: 2,826

Price per square foot:$US352

Los Angeles, California

Listing price:$US990,000

Square feet: 2,781

Price per square foot:$US359

Seattle, Washington

Listing price:$US1,050,000

Square feet: 2,629

Price per square foot: $US399

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Listing price:$US999,900

Square feet: 2,208

Price per square foot:$US453

Dallas, Texas

Listing price:$US1,000,000

Square feet: 2,190

Price per square foot:$US457

Chicago, Illinois

Listing price:$US999,900

Square feet: 2,037

Price per square foot: $US491

Denver, Colorado

Listing price:$US1,000,000

Square feet: 1,952

Price per square foot:$US512

Suffolk County, New York

Listing price:$US995,000

Square feet: 1,360

Price per square foot:$US732

Miami, Florida

Listing price:$US999,000

Square feet: 1,253

Price per square foot:$US797

Oakland, California

Listing price:$US995,000

Square feet: 1,248

Price per square foot:$US797

Washington, DC

Listing price:$US999,900

Square feet: 1,200

Price per square foot:$US833

San Diego, California

Listing price:$US999,900

Square feet: 1,194

Price per square foot:$US837

New York, New York

Listing price:$US1,000,000

Square feet: 846

Price per square foot:$US1,182

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