MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: Titanium Headphones That Can Survive A Military Battle


The Idea: The SA7 Wireless Hybrid Earphones are made from aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre, making them the strongest, most durable headphones on the block. Not only are they made from “military grade” materials, they don’t have wires and can be tuned for perfect sound. They also can go through the wash.

Whose idea: Florida-based Sleek Audio.

Why it’s a bomb: As far as headphones go, these are pretty cool. Afterall, they can withstand a military battle or a trip through the wash. But how often do you take your headphones into a war zone or accidentally leave them in your pocket? It just doesn’t happen!

This product is clunky, unnecessary, and over-the-top. Sleek Audio should donate the titanium to better uses than listening to music…like fighter planes or military helmets.

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