MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: Wear A Mechanical Arm To Work Longer Without Your Limbs Getting Tired

Equipois arm

This idea: Imagine being able to move and hold out your arm for several hours without feeling fatigued.

Inspired by the Steadicam, a mount which helps stabilise cameras, the X-Ar arm support is attached to the arm and provides added support, turning your arm into a bionic arm. 

 The company already sells robotic arms, such as the zeroG, that assist workers in holding heavy tools.

The X-Ar is different because users wear the device instead of attaching it to a tool.

Whose idea: Equipois

Why it’s brilliant: For people who spend a lot of time working with their hands, such as surgeons and jewellers, a device that allows them to work longer without getting tired can be extremely useful.

It’s unclear how heavy the mechanical arm is, however, which could limit its usefulness.  The device goes on sale in April, according to FastCompany, retailing between $2,000 and $3,000.

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