MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: Glass That's Visible To Birds So They'll Stop Smashing Into Windows

bird glass

This idea: Millions of birds reportedly die each year by colliding with windows. You can  save lives by installing a new type of glass that is more visible to birds.

The glass is called Ornilux and it is made with a patterned coating that reflects ultraviolet light. Birds can see the pattern, but it is faint and nearly imperceptible to people.

During testing, bird injuries dropped 75 per cent.

Whose idea: Arnold Glas of Remshalden, Germany

Why it’s brilliant: Helping birds avoid an untimely death is a noble idea. It’s always startling (and saddening) when birds thud into windows.

While Ornilux windows cost 50% more than typical glass, if contractors started building with it we wouldn’t complain. We’d rather pay a little more than clean up dead birds.

We’re sure environmentalists would be happy too.



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