MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: Use iPads To Get Food Delivered To Your Airport Gates


Photo: Delta

The Idea: Airport restaurant operator OTG Management and Delta Airlines have teamed up to offer travellers a new way to get their meals at the airport.At New York’s JFK and LaGuardia airports, travellers can now use Apple iPad kiosks at departure gates to order meals from participating airport restaurants. Meals are delivered within 10 minutes. Customers are informed of an exact meal delivery time so they can plan to feast accordingly.

The airport iPad  meal delivery service will be available at multiple gates in JFK and LaGuardia by next year. The new initiative is part of a series of investments Delta is making in the NY market, including an ambitious $1.2 billion plan to improve and expand JFK Terminal 4. Other airports in other parts of the US are soon to follow.

Whose idea: OTG Management and Delta Airlines

Why it’s brilliant: personalised food delivery at airports saves passengers a lot of time, and it allows them to pick out food they really want to eat without waiting in lines. Just relax at the gate, scroll through a list of food on the airport-provided iPads, and wait for the meal to arrive.

This combination of technology and food delivery will improve the airport dining experience and get users to experience Apple’s latest project first-hand. This sounds like a win-win.

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