MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: Floating Apartments That Could Be NYC's Next Real-Estate Expansion Plan

floating studio flat

Photo: Waterspace

The Idea: The Floating Studio Flat is a one-bedroom apartment intended to be set afloat on inland waterways. Though still in the design stage, the Floating Studio Flat will include a bedroom, kichen, wet room, and even an upper sun/drinks deck. It’s like a houseboat with the floorplan of a real home, as well as all the amenities of a real home.The Floating Studio Flat will have options such as a wind turbine and integrated solar panels. You, the flat owner, can complete the design process yourself by selecting the options, as well as the floorplan.

And how much will it cost you? The Flat starts at GBP 79,950.

Whose idea: UK-based WaterSpace

Why we like it: You can think of this as your permanent home, not your vacation houseboat. Unlike regular houseboats, Floating Studio Flat’s options make it nearly self-sufficient. Plus, if people start living on water,  maybe this will do something to help solve the overcrowding of cities, as well as relieve high housing prices. The tight housing market of coastal areas or water-surrounded areas could experience a shift. East River, anyone? 

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