MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: customise Chocolate Bars Online So They're Just How You Like Them


Photo: Chocri

The Idea: Chocri is a startup that allows you to customise chocolate bars online. You can choose from four bases – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or a combination – and over 100 toppings – including candied rose petals and gold flakes.More than 27 billion combinations are possible. You can even personalise the chocolate bar with any word you like.

Chocri implements pure-play mass customisation — custom designing and producing a product at a low price, comparable to mass production — something that is a becoming a big trend in Germany. What’s more, Chocri uses only fair trade, organic, and kosher certified chocolate from Belgium, and the dark chocolate is completely vegan.

Whose idea: Chocri first started in Germany, but Chocri US launched last September

Why we like it: Chocolate is an age-old concoction, but allowing people to create personalised chocolate online is a newer concept. Chocri combines one of the world’s favourite treats with innovation and even social responsibility. One per cent of every purchase is donated to a charity that supports children on the Ivory Coast, where the majority of cocoa comes from.

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