MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: A Beer Dispenser That Fills Drafts From The Bottom Up -- It's 9X Faster Than Pouring And There's Less Spillage


The Idea: A new way to pour draft beer that fills cups nine times faster than traditional methods and greatly reduces spillage.

The trick behind the “Bottom’s Up Draft Beer Dispensing System” is a cup with a hole at the bottom and a small, circular magnet that rests over it. When placed on the machine, the magnet is lifted up by the pressure-driven beer.

The cup fills up until the weight of the liquid pushes the magnet back down over the hole, which has a small metallic ring to keep the hole sealed. The cup can then be lifted and the beer consumed in a regular fashion.

Whose idea: Josh Springer, founder of GrinOn Industries.

Why it’s brilliant: A shorter beer line equals more sales. Quicker pours cuts back on cost. According to ThePostGame, “Stadiums that have used the system have gone from using eight beer pourers for every two cashiers to having one beer pourer for every eight cashiers. A single stand has been able to deliver 56 draft beers in one minute, an unofficial world record.”

Springer has an excellent marketing plan too. After the beer’s gone, the magnet turns into an advertising tool that customers can stick on their refrigerator. Businesses can subsidise the expense of using the specialised cups and the Bottom’s Up System by imprinting the magnet with a custom logo or message for advertising. Still not convinced? Watch the Bottom’s Up System in action here: 

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