MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA (BOMB): Zap Foot odours To Oblivion With This Ultraviolet Emitting Shoe Tree


This idea: If a deodorizing spray can’t kill the odor wafting from your shoes, try flooding them with UV light.

The SteriShoe is the latest hi-tech invention to join a long line of odor zapping products. 

45 minutes is all it takes, according to the creators, for the device to neutralize nearly all of the bacteria that causes that offensive smell coming from your shoes.

Whose idea: Shoe Care Innovations.

Ultraviolet light is commonly used as a disinfectant in hospitals, dental surgeries, and public swimming pools. The SteriShoe includes safety features that will turn off the light if it is removed from the shoe. It also comes with bags for open-toed shoes and sandals.

The shoes are sold in pairs in various sizes and cost $129.95.

Why it’s a bomb: $130 is a lot of money for treating a problem that is commonly solved with a $5 powder, spray, or homemade remedy. Unless you have industrial-strength foot odor, it is hard to see why anyone would invest in this gadget.

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