MILLION DOLLAR IDEA: An IPhone App That Is Literally A Lifesaver

iphone app cardiac arrest

The idea: This app connects 911 dispatchers with citizens, so if someone is having a cardiac emergency, people in the vicinity will be notified. It even provides the victim’s address and the location of the nearest defibrillator. So far it’s only available in the San Ramon, California area, but the app’s developers hope it will reach a nationwide level.

Whose idea: The San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District. A fire chief came up with the idea after learning that someone was dying of a heart attack right next door to where he was having lunch. He didn’t know until emergency services arrived, but he could have provided help minutes sooner.

Why it’s brilliant: You only have about 10 minutes to get help after a cardiac emergency begins, so every minute counts. Someone down the street can most likely get to the scene faster than an ambulance.

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