MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: An Aircraft That Can Carry Your House Or A Hotel Anywhere In The World


Is today’s idea brilliant or a bomb?

The Idea: SkyLifters are heavy-lifting aircrafts that pick-up and deliver over-size, fragile or bulky items of 150 tonnes, or potentially more, including entire buildings.

Whose Idea: Jeremy Fitton and Charles Luffman of Australian company, SkyLifter.

Why we like it: It’s like a helicopter on steroids – it can pick up any item and transport it anywhere in the world. Tired of living in one city? Pick up your house and move it.

Online Surveys & Market ResearchWant to travel around the world without moving from hotel to hotel? Use Skylifter and take a luxury hotel with you. And it has a massive operating capability without the noise or draft of a helicopter.  It also leaves a smaller environmental footprint. The sky is the limit…literally. 

For more pictures of the SkyLifter, click here.

Check out a video of the SkyLifter below.

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