MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: This Company Waits On Hold For You, Then Calls You Back When Someone Finally Picks Up


The idea: Instead of waiting on hold for an eternity, have someone else do it for you.

All you have to do is type in the name of the company you are trying to reach and your phone number. FastCustomer, a new DC-based startup, will call you back as soon as it gets someone on the line.

Whose idea: Paul Singh and Aaron Dragushan

Why it’s brilliant: Being on hold for half an hour while being toldĀ  your call is “extremely important to us” is an experience no one should ever have to live through. Using FastCustomer, calls to Verizon and MetLife’s customer service departments came through within five minutes.

The only drawback: this service only works for phone numbers that are already registered on FastCustomer’s site. The good news is they already have numerous companies such as Apple, AT&T, Geico, and Best Buy and you can suggest more here. We think this is a smart decision for any company with crawling customer service.

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