MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: A TV Discovery App For Your IPhone


The idea: IntoNow is like Shazam for TV shows. Just hold up your IPhone, IPad or IPod to your television or computer screen and it’ll tell you what you’re watching.

IntoNow connects with IMDb, Netflix and ITunes to identify exactly what episode is on by searching a database of 2.6 million broadcast airings, about 266 years of video.

It lets users know when a commercial is on or whether a show is live or a re-run. IntoNow also hooks up to your Twitter and Facebook so you can share with friends and see what’s on their screens.

Whose idea: Founder and CEO, Adam Cahan

Why it’s quasi-brilliant: The sheer amount of video content IntoNow is capable of identifying is impressive. And it’s a great tool to share favourite shows with friends or discover new ones. The identifying feature might be redundant for pretty much anyone with a cable box, though. Pressing the info button on your remote is just as easy as using this app.

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