MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: A Pillow That Enables You To Sleep Face-Down And Still Be Able To Breathe


The Idea: A pillow that lets you sleep face-down among other positions without having to twist your neck or body.

What makes the ComfyRest pillow different from other specialty pillows, its creators say, are the flexible “rabbit ears” that support 12 sleeping configurations, such as face down on a table or under the covers with the pillow over your face and more.

The ComfyRest’s outdoor counterpart, the Squidface, is made from a stronger material and is ideal for tanning on your stomach.

Both pillows are $28.95 and can be ordered on Comfortan’s online store.

Whose idea:

Why it’s a brilliant: Once you get past the weird shape, the ComfyRest’s flexibility provides more options for sleeping on a plane or other tight quarters. An invention that helps us squeeze in additional comfort sounds good to us. The only drawback? Squishing one of these pillows into a carryon won’t be easy, so be prepared for some strange looks.

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