(TERRIBLE) MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: A Chicken-Sitting Service That Will Watch Over Your Broody Birds

chicken sitters

The Idea: Charging people to care for their poultry while the owners are on vacation. 

Portland, OR chicken owners who are itching to take a trip but are unsure who will feed their barn yard birds are in luck.

Hatched last spring, Just Us Hens provides specialised chicken-sitting services. 

For $15 to $25 per day, someone will check on your birds and give them food and water, as well as scratch, greens or hay to “keep the girls happy while you are away,” according to the website.

They also provide wing clipping and beak trimming services for $25 and up. Consultations are $50 an hour.

Whose Idea: Rhonda Piasecki and Sharon Rowland.The business partners, who each boast a full roost of laying hens (four for Piasenki; eight for Rowland), met last year working at Portland’s Urban Farm Store, according to CNN Money.

Why it’s a bomb: We may not own any chickens (or know anyone who does) but forking over $15 for someone to scatter seeds on the ground and refill water dishes seems a bit ridiculous. Then again, these entrepreneurs could be on to something. Cow-sitters anyone?

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