MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: A Pope-Approved Mobile App For Confessing Your Sins

confession app

The idea: Can’t remember if you committed a sin today? Confession: A Roman Catholic App will not only identify your wrongdoings, it will also keep track of your sinning ways.

The $1.99 app helps users examine their consciences by listing the 10 Commandments and asking users password-protected questions about their lives related to the rules of Christianity.

Users can check off questions such as “Have I encouraged anyone to have an abortion?” and “Have I abused alcohol or drugs?” to make sure nothing is forgotten when they step into the confessional booth. And in case you don’t know what to do once you’re there, it also provides the proper responses for the process of confession itself.

Whose idea: Little iApps

Why this idea is brilliant: Tech savvy Christians may snap up this app, which its designers say was approved by senior church officials in the US and the UK. According to a press release, it was created in response to Pope Benedict’s recent message encouraging Christians to embrace digital technology. Who knew an app would be your ticket to salvation?


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