MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: A 3D Touch Screen Wall That Lets Customers Check Out 8,000 Pairs Of Shoes From Every Angle


The idea: An interactive 3D wall display that lets shoppers examine as many as 8,000 sneakers in a flash.

Unveiled last week at the National Retail Federation’s convention in New York, Intel partnered with Adidas to show off what the adiVerse Virtual Footwear Wall could do.

The wall renders products in 3D, and lets shoppers rotate and zoom in on the shoes, and call up specs from a touch-screen display.

Popular models can have accompanying video and additional information, like which shoes players wore at the World Cup.

Whose idea: Designed by U.K. shop Start Creative.

Why it’s brilliant: With the wall installation, small retailers can turn blank walls into prime selling space by giving their customers access to an extensive inventory. The stores could also stock the actual shoes to serve as fit models. Unfortunately there will probably be a waiting period if stores need to order the desired shoes, but we can see this technology taking off with customers who want the latest models and don’t mind the wait.

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