Jarrell Miller has lit an angry fire in the normally mild-mannered Anthony Joshua, but will end up violently knocked out like countless others

  • A fire is raging inside Anthony Joshua.
  • The four-belt world heavyweight boxing champion defends his titles against Jarrell Miller, dubbed the division’s “best talker,” on June 1 in New York City.
  • Miller has already proven provocative, and Joshua did not hold back in return as he called Miller a “rotting disease.”
  • This may seem out of character for Joshua, who is normally mild-mannered, but the man is a fighter by trade and fights fire with fire.
  • Joshua has dealt with trash talkers and pre-fight posturing before, and there is one constant – the results are always the same, a violent knockout win for the Brit.
  • Against Miller, an American who is far less experienced and skillful than fighters Joshua has already slayed, the result will be no different.

A fire is raging inside the world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, and it’s all because of Jarrell Miller.

Miller, the challenger, lit those flames at a media event in New York City on Tuesday when he shoved Joshua so hard that the Brit was knocked off balance and had to take numerous steps back to regain his composure.

We are used to seeing an ambassadorial Joshua, the athlete with a winning smile who is fan-friendly, media-savvy, and attracts blue-chip sponsors like Under Armour, Beats by Dre, and Vodafone.

But, by trade, Joshua is a boxer and makes most of his money by repeatedly ramming his huge fists through an opponent’s body, temple, or chin, usually never resting until that man is defeated, concussed, and lying on the floor of a blood-stained canvas.

Joshua, after all, got off the canvas to knock out former long-reigning heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko in 2017, overcame a headbutt and busted nose to defeat Carlos Takam in the 10th round in 2018, and, most recently, he almost sent the 2004 Olympic gold medalist Alexander Povetkin through the ropes en route to a thumping stoppage win just six months ago.

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Yes, Joshua speaks well… but at heart he is a fighter, a man who simply thrives when it comes to competition, the stage, and above all, unarmed combat.

This is why it’s not too surprising that this fighting spirit comes out to play every now and then outside of a boxing ring, when an opponent talks trash or does what Miller did earlier this week when he pushed him in front of reporters and camera crews in a clip that will have now been seen by fans all around the world.

By doing this, all Miller has done is provoke anger from Joshua.

Joshua has called the American a “little b—-“ and a “rotting disease” who he just wants to “murder”.

But the feud is sure to end like countless others.

Joshua has dealt with trash-talkers and pre-fight posturing before, but the result every time – from Dillian Whyte to Dominic Breazeale – has been a savage knockout victory for Joshua.

Joshua, for instance, laughed off an in-ring riot to flatten old amateur rival Dillian Whyte with a crushing right uppercut in 2015. He also silenced Dominic Breazeale, who had been mercilessly trash-talking him in the build-up to their 2016 bout, when he stopped the American in the seventh round in London.

Miller, another American challenger, will be no different.

Miller, described by The Ring magazine as “the best talker” in the heavyweight division, has an intimidating record of 23 wins against zero losses, 20 of those wins coming by knockout, with only one draw.

But peek beyond the numbers and you see a fighter who has only ever mixed it up at a national level, rather than a true world level against the very best the sport can offer.

His biggest wins are against Gerald Washington (who had just come off a knockout loss) in 2017, against Mariusz Wach (who had been shown up twice by Wladimir Klitschko and Povetkin) six months later, and Tomasz Adamek last year, a talented cruiserweight who has struggled to impose himself in boxing’s glamor division.

The reason why he has so many knockouts is because his record flatters him unlike Joshua who has shown off his undeniable power against Whyte, Klitschko, and Povetkin, all of whom he bombed out with aplomb.

Miller is an aggressive, come-forward fighter who likes to box on the inside – from close range, that is. This plays into one of Joshua’s biggest advantages as one of his top punches is an uppercut – a punch he has used to KO fighters who had a far greater pedigree than Miller.

At approximately 300 pounds, Miller is obviously slow-footed and one-paced. Again, this will prove a nightmare for him against Joshua who, though a robust figure himself, can prove to be fast and dangerous against a guy who is there to be hit.

Joshua is used to walking to the ring while an expensive pyrotechnic display propels flames all around him. Against Miller, in what is his debut on an American canvas, you can expect him to be so good that he leaves the ring in a similar blaze of glory, having violently silenced the man famed for his big mouth.

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