Millennials have an odd habit when it comes to their cars


Millennials, often noted for their nostalgia, are not only keeping their cars for longer, they’re also much more likely to give their vehicles names.

Already the average age of all registered light vehicles has risen from 8.4 years in 1995 to 11.4 in 2014, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported.

And a cultural shift among a new generation of car owners could help increase that number even further.

A study commissioned by Ebay motors discovered that nearly 40% of Millennials name their cars.

It seems young owners are more likely to have an “emotional attachment” to their vehicles, said Kevin Considine, an executive in auto merchandising at Ebay.

In case you were wondering: some of the most-picked car names, according to the study, were Betsy, Ol’ Faithful, Ol’ Reliable, Baby, Bessie, Bob, or Buddy.

Colours like Red, Sliver, or Blue also ranked near the top.

The trend, along with the ease at which consumers can purchase car parts online, is also changing the way people take care of their cars. Many owners are now choosing to take on light repairs or service jobs on their own rather than go to the mechanic or dealer.

“Even among Millennials, many are doing minor work — lights, tires, brakes — themselves,” Considine said.

Ebay alone sells three car parts or accessories every second, and perhaps thanks to customers’ increased emotional attachment to their cars, more than half of those purchases are of parts used to customise or personalise a vehicle.

After all: Bessie could use some new rims.

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