Employers Everywhere Are Worrying About Millennial Committment Issues

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Photo: lisahumes via flickr

Despite high unemployment, companies are having a hard time reeling in and hanging on to young talent. According to a survey by Price Waterhouse Coopers, 50 per cent of more than 1,200 CEOs from 60 countries are concerned that they won’t be able to sufficiently “attract the digitally adept ‘Millennial’ generation” because these workers simply don’t stay with the companies long enough.

In a global survey, only 18 per cent of these young workers admitted that they planned on staying with their current employers for long.

Two-thirds of CEOs in the survey say they hope that in the next three years, promotions will come from within their own companies, because “the loss in productivity and time when a valuable employee leaves” is costly. 

“We need to grow our own talent,” Nancy McKinstry, CEO of Wolters Kluwer, a global information services and publishing company says in the survey. “It’s very difficult often to take people from outside to come into the company and have them be productive in a short period of time.”

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