Millennials, baby boomers, Gen X, and Gen Z share their most beloved brands

Martin Novak/ShutterstockTurns out, Google is a big hit with everyone except the baby boomers.
  • Millennials, baby boomers, Gen Z, and Gen X can all agree on one thing.
  • They all love Amazon, according to a Morning Consult study.
  • The marketing research firm asked thousands of adults across the US to rate different brands based on favorability, trust, community impact, and how likely they would be to recommend the brand to others.
  • The 2019 study captures how consumer preferences vary by generation.
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Quick, what’s your all-time favourite brand?

Well, according to a study from Morning Consult, your preferences are likely somewhat shaped by your generation.

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The market research company interviewed 400,000 adults across the US, asking an average of 11,000 people to rate over 1,900 companies.

While some brands, like Amazon, proved popular across generations, others like Cheerios and PlayStation are more closely linked to specific demographics.

Top 10 most loved brands across generaions US chartShayanne Gal/Business InsiderAmazon made the top 10 list for all four generations.

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