Military Personnel Reveal The Most Unusual Punishments They Have Ever Seen

Drill Sergeant

Members of the U.S. military can get nostalgic about serving their country, even taking time to reminisce about how troops were disciplined.

And some of the punishments troops reminisce about are truly bizarre, according to a recent Ask Reddit thread. That thread asked users to respond to the question, “Military personnel of Reddit, what’s the best/weirdest/funniest punishment you’ve seen handed down by a superior?”

We’ve collected some of the most unusual punishments, including stories about troops who were forced to frown, sing, and pay homage to Bruce Willis.

One guy was put on suicide watch after he got got “messing around” with a woman.

Military Discipline mixed gender

Another guy had to flop around like a fish.

Reddit user Hillsusmc recounts:

“In the Marine Corps when we really f—– up we would go “fishing.” It is where you squat down like your sitting in a chair and hold a shovel out in front of you in the air like a fishing pole. Then you just sit there for a long time and if the shovel would start to droop down my sergeant would grab the tip of the shovel and start to shake it and make me pretend I was reeling in the big one. One time me and a buddy got in trouble together so they made him fish and me flop around on the desk like a fish he had already caught for almost an hour.”

This guy had to smile, then frown, then smile.

Military Discipline Frownies

Commanding officers have gotten even more creative than that, though.

Military Discipline Jukebox

Screenshot /

Some punishments are both creative and harsh.

Military Discipline iPod

Or even a little goofy.

Military Exercises Bruce Willis