Covert Military Parachuters Could Sabotage North Korea's Nukes From The Sky

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The time may come when North Korea checks the cupboard for nukes, and finds the cupboard’s been looted.

That’s because there are several nuke-qualified recovery teams, special operations, coming out of several countries — to include Russia, the U.S., Britain, and France.

In the U.S., the Air Force has the Tactical Response Force, the Navy has SEALs, and the Army has Special Forces — all qualified for high altitude covert operations to recover or “disqualify” a nuclear threat, should a team be ordered to take direct action against known or suspected sites.

Not likely at this point, but still an option.


Huge airdrops of troops and supplies were quite common in World War II.

And although airborne operations occur mostly in training now ...

... They were used to seize air fields early on in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

'Air Assault' troops from helicopters have taken over much of what paratroopers used to do ...

... But helicopters take only limited numbers and have a short range.

So paratroopers will continue to be a valuable asset in the military arsenal.

Jumping out the door for the first time in training is either a thrill or a nightmare.

But when the door is clear, the static line pulls the chute open.

And the canopy is fully deployed.

The only thing to do now is to glide in and enjoy the view.

As many others continue to jump.

Static-line jumps in combat are usually around 1000 feet so the troopers can get on the ground quickly.

If all goes to plan, they all land close enough to each other to rally and start their mission.

Troops can jump from a variety of aircraft — the C-130, C-17, and even helicopters like the CH-47 and '53.

But not all of them deploy their parachute right away.

Some troops jump from higher up and free fall before pulling their chutes.

At upwards of 15,000 feet, they will wear oxygen masks.

The most common method they use is High Altitude Low Opening (HALO), deploying their chute after a long free fall period.

Then there's High Altitude High Opening, where they pull their chutes right away ...

... Maintaining stealth while travelling more than 30 miles behind enemy lines ... possibly even for preemptive nuke recovery.

You've seen troops jumping out of aircraft ...

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