The Most Jaw-Dropping Scenes In Miley Cyrus' Racy New Music Video

Miley Cyrus Video doll swimming pool

Yesterday, Miley Cyrus debuted her latest music video for her new single “We Can’t Stop.”

It’s a catchy tune and we actually kind of like it, but the Diane Martel-directed, 3-minute video is a pretty big departure for Cyrus, a former Disney star.

There is no trace of “Hannah Montana” here, just a rebellious 20-year-old twerking, skinny dipping and grinding her groove thing all over the place in a teeny tiny leotard.

Cyrus’ latest spiked-hair look isn’t anything new to the over 12 million people who follow her photos on Twitter, but her latest music video isn’t just racy for a Disney star — it’s surprising for any 20-year-old.

The video is introduced with Miley cutting off an ankle monitor.

She then puts in her grill.

This guy eats a sandwich stuffed with dollar bills.

There's a skull made of french fries.

A guy with two tongues.

A girl with two sets of lips.

Amputated fingers with Pepto-Bismol coloured blood.

Looks like it hurt.

The scene reminded us of these infamous 2007 party shots featuring Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Lachey playing with knives in a kitchen.

Miley goes on to twerk it in a bath tub.

Then a bed.

She reaches for an EOS lip balm.

And applies it seductively in front of the mirror.

Just like Kim Kardashian did and got in trouble for last week because she likely got paid a reported $20K to advertise the product, yet didn't say it was a sponsored post.

But that doesn't stop Miley from partying with a buxom blonde.

She gets a message in her soup.

And twerk she does.

From all angles.

Then she brings in the exercise equipment.

Look familiar? Rihanna posted a similar Instagram photo last year.

Before long, Miley changes into her leotard and puts on a giant teddy bear backpack.

And gives these animals some sweet shades.

This guy didn't make it out alive.

The party then moves to a swimming pool.

Where Cyrus shows off her look-a-like doll.

And makes out with it.

Not everything from this scene can be shown.

Back inside the house party, Miley tries her hand at hitting a pinata.

It busts open and hot dogs and pancakes come flying out.

This guy smoked a hot dog.

And Miley starts to wrestle her friends -- still wearing her leotard, crop top and platform heels.

The leotard goes lower.

Party-goers start to get hungry.

Things get a little out of hand.

There's more twerking.

And cuddles up to her man before calling it a night.

Now watch the music video in its entirety:

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