Miley Cyrus Caught On Tape Smoking A Bong, World Reassured She's A Regular Teenager

Miley Cyrus Stoned

Photo: TMZ

Miley Cyrus has been caught (acting like a totally normal teenager) smoking a bong in a video released by TMZ.The video was shot by a friend during a party for Cyrus that was part of her 18th birthday celebration.  Oh friends.

Sources say that Cyrus was not smoking marijuana, but a natural herb called salvia, which has psychedelic qualities. Possession of salvia is legal in California.

Cyrus spends most of the video cackling, speaking in tongues, and accusing someone in the room of looking like “Liam,” her boyfriend.

The video ends with Cyrus saying, “I want more of that sh–.”  Shocking stuff.

The video is below — that is, until it is removed from YouTube by TMZ. Then you can watch it on TMZ here.

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