Miley Cyrus posted a video of an old duet with Ariana Grande, in which both singers are wearing animal onesies, to celebrate International Women's Day

Miley Cyrus/YouTubeMiley Cyrus and Ariana Grande performed a duet for the ‘Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions’ in 2015.
  • Miley Cyrus posted an old video of herself dueting with Ariana Grande to celebrate International Women’s Day.
  • In the throwback clip, Cyrus and Grande sing the 1986 song “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House.
  • “Celebrating some of my favourite #Women ❤️ This cute arse ????/ ???? is my #1,” Cyrus wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.
  • Both women are wearing animal onesies, in keeping with the whimsical tone of Cyrus’s 2015 project, “Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions.”
  • At one point, Cyrus asks Grande whether she’s dressed as a mouse or a bear: “Whatever you are, it’s probably the cutest mouse, bear, thing I’ve ever seen.”
  • Later in the video, Cyrus apologizes to her crew for flirting with Grande and losing their place in the song.
  • “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HELP ME,” Grande commented beneath Cyrus’s post.
  • See Cyrus’s post here and watch the full duet on YouTube below.

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