Miles EV Taking The Wraps Off Its Electric Car On June 3


Yet another electric car is getting its Ps and Qs in line to debut for the public. On June 3rd, Miles EV, will unveil its highway capable electric sedan.

Unlike the exotic fare delivered by startups like Tesla and Fisker, Miles wants to play it bland. According to a conversation we had with their spokesperson, the car will travel 90-120 miles at 65 miles per hour, though it can hit 80 mph. Miles wants to sell its sedan for $45,000 and it hopes to meet the most stringent safety standards.

It’s important that it hits those safety marks because Miles will have to win over a public that will be doubly sceptical about the company. First, it’s a startup car company, which will immediately make it an odd duck. Second, to get its cost lowered the car will be manufactured in China. American perceptions of Chinese manufacturing are less than favourable, but Japan wasn’t exactly trusted 20 years ago, either.

The car will look different than the above photo. We’re just including it as a place holder. It is an early prototype design.

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