Milder Conditions Provide Relief For Firefighters In Victoria And South Australia

Photo: Country Fire Service South Australia

Milder conditions are expected across Victoria and South Australia today as firefighters continue to battle blazes spreading across the two states.

Changing winds and difficult conditions overnight tested Victorian firefighters battling 50 blazes in the Grampians, Gippsland and Mallee areas.

This morning only one, of the remaining 35 fires, is issued with an emergency warning, reports The Herald Sun.

The Grampians has been issued with an emergency warning, with the fires now the size of The Maldives.

Residents, who chose to stay and protect their homes have been told by authorities it’s now too late to leave and the safest option is to take shelter indoors immediately.

One person has died and at least two buildings have been lost.

The same cooling front has also eased conditions for South Australian firefighting efforts, with four major fires downgraded, although the Country Fire Service has said the threat still remains “very real”.

News Limited reports fires in SA have claimed 12 properties in the southern Flinders Ranges.

The Herald Sun and Adelaide Now have more.

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