WHAT THE…? This Is A New Sculpture Outside The Milan Stock Exchange

sculpture bourse milan finger

[credit provider=”Screen Grab via WSJ.com” url=”http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704681904576317781140034982.html?mod=googlenews_wsj”]

It’s called The Finger. And its new home is smack-bang in front of the Milan Bourse.Apparently it’s a symbol of capitalism.

It should be noted that the 36-foot marble sculpture points away from the stock exchange, and not at it.

But not surprisingly, local financiers aren’t happy about it.

According to the WSJ, via ForexLive, The Finger was created by Italy’s most famous contemporary artist, a man called Maurizio Cattelan.

One asset managers group already moved their conference elsewhere because of The Finger. And the country’s exchange regulator, Consob, warned it will move its annual meeting too if something isn’t done.

As for the scuplture’s actual meaning — well, as described by the sculptor — it’s an anti-fascist statement:

The city councilman wanted a sculpture displayed outside to complement the museum show.

Mr. Cattelan had an idea: He would create a statue that would play on—but transform—Italy’s Fascist hand salute from the 1930s. By cutting off the fingers and mutilating the hand, he says he was criticising the totalitarianism that ravaged Europe in the last century.

We’re guessing there’s a few Americans on this list who wouldn’t mind The Finger for their personal collection >