Mikhail Prokhorov Is Quitting Business To Focus On Politics


Photo: 245tenthave.com

Mikhail Prokhorov, the billionaire Russian oligarch who owns the Brooklyn Nets, has announced he has quit business and is planning to concentrate on politics.Prokhorov made the announcement at a meeting of the Russian political party he founded, Russia Today reports. He said he would be joining the party, leaving his business interests to be controlled by his partners.

Prokhorov had announced the plans for the party earlier this year. His interest in politics appeared shortly before that, when he ran against Vladimir Putin as a candidate in this year’s Russian presidential election.

Prokhorov only gained around 7% in that election, and there were widespread rumours that he was a decoy organised by the Putin team to distract voters.

Prokhorov made his fortune in finance and the precious metals sector.

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