Mike Volpi Out As Joost Chairman

Mike Volpi is no longer chairman of Joost, we have confirmed with the company.

Volpi resigned as Joost’s CEO in June, becoming chairman.

He is a partner at Index Ventures — the VC firm behind Joost — which just teamed up to buy Skype from eBay

Joost’s relationship with Skype has recently gotten more complicated, which could explain the move.

Both companies were founded by the same duo — Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom. The two tried to buy Skype back from eBay earlier this year, but were shot down. Adding to the complexity: Skype and its founders are in a legal battle over some of Skype’s underlying code.

Meanwhile, Volpi — a rising star at Cisco at the time — was on Skype’s board before it was sold to eBay. He later became CEO of Joost. And now he’s rumoured to be in the running for the Skype CEO position.

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