Mike Shanahan Says Donovan McNabb Not In Good Enough Shape To Play In Crunch Time

Donovan McNabb vs. Eagles

Photo: AP

For everyone still scratching their heads, trying to decipher Mike Shanahan’s decision to bench Donovan McNabb on the final drive of the Redskins’ loss to the Lions on Sunday, now you have your answer.Shanahan says McNabb lacks the “cardiovascular endurance” to run a two-minute drill with no timeouts. Never mind that he had played the entire game to that point and lead the team in rushing with 45 yards.

Apparently, the coach preferred to go with an ice-cold Rex Grossman, who went 4-for-7 but fumbled away the game-icing touchdown on a sack.

Considering McNabb didn’t throw up on the field, he seemed pretty healthy to us.

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