Fox News’ Sean Hannity Defends Fired Rutgers Coach: ‘My Father Hit Me With A Belt!’

Sean Hannity Eric Bolling Mike Rice

There has been near-unanimous condemnation of fired Rutgers men’s basketball head coach Mike Rice, after footage surfaced of him verbally abusing players with homophobic slurs and throwing balls at their heads.

Rice found two defenders Wednesday in Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling, who both suggested Rice’s actions were the product of old-fashioned discipline. 

During a discussion on the topic with guest Michelle Malkin, Hannity said that Rice was “trying to get the best” out of his team.

“I’m watching this and I’m thinking, all right, I don’t like it. He kicked one player there. But on the other hand, I kind of like old-fashioned discipline,” Hannity said. “Have we become that politically incorrect? These are adults. If they don’t want to play for that team, they can leave.”

Hannity added: “My father hit me with a belt, and I turned out OK.”

Earlier in the day on “The Five,” Bolling defended Rice and said the backlash against him was a product of the “wussification of American men.”

“We’re in the midst of political correctness crushing our ability to teach kids, to discipline kids, to disagree with people,” Bolling said. “Our culture is in decline, but this is an example of our culture in free fall.”

A wide array of people from politicians — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — to other premier coaches — Louisville’s Rick Pitino and former Los Angeles Lakers legend Phil Jackson — have denounced Rice’s actions as “disturbing.” Miami Heat guard Ray Allen called the video “despicable” and said it made him want to fight Rice.

So far, Rutgers players have stayed silent on the issue.

Watch the clip of Hannity below: