Twitter mocks selfie of Mike Pence and Republican members of Congress

A selfie taken by Mike Pence was mercilessly mocked online Thursday for its apparent lack of diversity.

The picture, tweeted out by Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, showed the vice president-elect surrounded by more than 100 Republican members of the House.

But social media users quickly jumped on one conspicuous detail about the picture — virtually everyone in it is white.

The House GOP Twitter account published a photo of the crowd from a different angle, with a caption boldly stating, “UNIFIED.”

That led to another round of excoriation. 



According to Senate data, the incoming Republican House delegation includes two African-Americans, nine Latinos, two American Indians, one Asian, and 23 women. There will be 247 Republicans in the House in the next term.

The picture drew immediate comparisons to a picture House Speaker Paul Ryan took with GOP interns this summer. Like the members of Congress in Pence’s selfie, the interns in Ryan’s photo were overwhelmingly white.

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