Mike Pence finally put on a mask during a tour of a GM factory in his home state of Indiana

Pence finally started wearing a mask after claiming he didn’t need to. C-SPAN
  • After drawing widespread ridicule for refusing to wear a mask at the Mayo Clinic‘s headquarters in Minnesota – solo flaunting their mask requirement – Vice President Mike Pence put one on in a visit to a GM plant in his home state.
  • Pence previously defended his decision to be the one person not wearing a mask at the medical facility by citing his weekly tests for the coronavirus.
  • His wife, Karen, later came to his defence by saying her husband didn’t know about the Mayo Clinic’s requirement that visitors wear masks, despite the clinic saying it informed him.
  • While touring the Kokomo GM plant in Indiana, Pence wore glasses with his mask secure as he made small talk with employees making ventilators and other medical devices.
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In a return to his home Hoosier State, Vice President Mike Pence finally donned a mask.

Pence drew significant scorn over his refusal to wear one at the Mayo Clinic’s headquarters in Minnesota earlier this week.

He claimed he didn’t have to abide by their mandatory order because he gets weekly tests for COVID-19.

His wife, Karen, later came to his defence by contradicting the Mayo Clinic’s assertion that they informed Pence he had to wear a mask.

During his tour of the Kokomo General Motors plant on Thursday, Pence had a mask secured under a pair of glasses as he made small talk with employees working on building ventilators.

Pence relayed some anecdotes about growing up in Indiana and thanked the employees for their work on the medical supplies.

The vice president’s visit to the plant comes after a rough patch between the company and the White House.

Under the Defence Production Act, GM has been compelled to manufacture ventilators.

Last month, President Trump accused the company last month for “wasting time” before finally enforcing the law.