Here are all the most outrageous things Mike Pence's brother said about him

  • Gregory Pence, Mike Pence’s older brother, is running for a congressional seat in Indiana.
  • He gave an interview to The New Yorker, during which he said some colourful things about his little brother.
  • He’s a likely favourite to win the seat.

Mike Pence’s older brother, Gregory Pence, filed a tax document indicating he is planning to run for the Vice President’s old congressional seat in eastern Indiana.

In a recent New Yorker profile of the VP by Jane Mayer, Gregory gave a series of colourful and sometimes eyebrow-raising quotes about his little brother.

Speaking about Mike Pence’s second attempt to unseat Phil Sharp in Congress in 1990, Gregory said, “Mike burned a lot of bridges” with his excessively negative campaign.

“He upset a lot of his backers,” he added. “It was partly because of immaturity, but he really was kind of full of s—.”

And when they were little, Gregory said sometimes the Pence family — all six kids — would get in the car with their parents on Friday nights and follow the fire truck around town.

Gregory added that his childhood nickname was “General Harassment,” while his little brother — now the Vice President of the United States — was “Bubbles,” because he was “chubby and funny.”

Gregory also compared his overbearing father with Mike. “He was black and white,” he said of the Pence’s father, who belted his children when they misbehaved.

“You were never confused where you stood,” Gregory added. “My brother’s a lot like him.”

While the Pences’ mother, Nancy Pence Fritsch, told The New Yorker that Mike was a “good student,” Gregory disagreed.

“Not a fabulous one,” he said. “I don’t think he stood out. He was class president, but that wasn’t cool.”

Gregory discussed what he thinks really drove his brother — who as a college student, as The New Yorker reported, was deciding between law school and priesthood — to seek public office.

“He’s completely unmotivated by money,” he said. “I don’t think he would think for one second about it, if it weren’t for Karen,” he added, referring to Karen Pence, Mike Pence’s wife.

When Fritsch said that Mike was motivated by “service,” Gregory chimed in.

“And, of course, popularity,” he said. “He had ambitions.”

The elder Pence, who most recently ran the family’s now-bankrupt chain of convenience stores and gas stations, has little political experience.

His most recent foray into state politics, besides a brief tenure as Rep. Luke Messer’s finance chairman for his Senate campaign, was as the top deputy at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, reports The Indianapolis Star. Pence lasted just over two months in the post.

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