Mike Mayo Totally Ripped Vikram Pandit’s Star Role At Davos With This Great Quote

vikram pandit

has a article up heralding Vikram Pandit’s return to the limelight at Davos.

The headline says it all: “Pandit a Pariah No More as U.S. Bankers Ascend at Davos”

Pandit was understandably on the sidelines in recent years given the questions surrounding the performance of Citi under his leadership as CEO.

Citi memorably took the most government aid of any US bank and it’s shares have dropped 93.7% over the last decade, the most of any US bank. 

But now, Vikram Pandit is one of six co-chairs of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting In Davos. 

Per Bloomberg, Pandit will have two key speaking roles, one on January 25th on the topic of “reshaping the global financial system and another on the 29th discussing the “emerging issues of 2012” with his fellow co-chairs.

But Mike Mayo, the outspoken bank analyst at Credit Agricole Securities, is not impressed: “‘Asking Vikram Pandit about the crisis in capitalism is like asking Alec Baldwin about aeroplane etiquette,’ Mayo said.”